Why Choose LTJ As Your Austin IT Consultant?

Why Choose LTJ As Your Austin IT Consultant?

Our staff works with YOU to understand YOUR business.

We know you have dozens of IT consulting companies to choose from…..

So why LTJ?

LTJ Makes IT Work for YOU!

We carefully select IT solutions that work best for your company.  The best choice for your company may be a state-of-the-art solution or might not be the newest and “coolest” technology, but rather a much more cost effective solution.  We work with you to determine your ROI for any solution being considered.

Stability in Uncertain Times

In today’s economy, optimization of IT and telecom resources is vital. LTJ works with your existing departments when additional resources are needed or as a direct outsource  functioning as your “in-house” IT /telecom department as business needs dictate.

Small-Business Affordability

Most small business owners and managers with anwhere from 2 to 200 computers feel like they’ve been priced out of the technology game. Well, when you work with other computer consulting firms you might be…but not when you work with LTJ. We know how to keep our overhead down and to how to run our business more efficiently than our competitors. The end result? We’re able to pass those savings on to you.

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